US defence attaché involved in deadly Islamabad road accident leaves Pakistan

Two days after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said it will not let the US attaché who killed a Pakistani youth in a car accident last month leave Pakistan at any cost, the interior ministry allowed Col Joseph Emanuel Hall to fly abroad on Monday evening.

Diplomatic sources told The Express Tribune that Hall left for the United States in ‘special plane’, but this could not be confirmed officially car accident lawyer .

The US defence attaché was given a special permission by the interior ministry, enabling him to fly out of the country from Nur Khan Airbase, sources in relevant quarters said. They also said the Pakistani authorities had requested the United States to revoke Col Hall’s diplomatic immunity so he can be tried in Pakistan without any success.

The US authorities, however, assured Pakistan that the diplomat will be tried in accordance with the Vienna Convention, sources further added.

On Saturday, a special US aircraft arrived at the Nur Khan Airbase to take along the diplomat, who was facing travel restrictions after the April 7 car accident. The reports said Col Joseph was not granted clearance by the FIA to fly abroad.

“Colonel Joseph is on no-fly list. Whatever plane comes [to take along the attaché], we would not allow him to fly,” an official of FIA had told The Express Tribune.

On April 7, Col Joseph jumped a red light at Islamabad’s Daman-e-Koh Chowk and hit a motorcycle. As a result, two riders of the bike suffered injuries and one of them, 22-year-old Ateeq Baig, later died.

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